Unforgiven – Movie Review

Unforgiven is a film that takes the old west and turns it upside-down. In this great film directed by Clint Eastwood a group of three men (Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Jaimz Woolvett) hunt down two guys who have a bounty over their heads due to a crime they committed in the town Big Whisky. Gene Hackman plays the role of the sheriff of Big Whisky, his tactics are crooked and dirty. Hackman’s character uses fear and hate to keep people in line, he will beat someone within an inch of their lives for basically nothing. This film takes the wild west and takes all the mythology out of it. Unforgiven looks at gunslingers, criminals, and heroes and reveals who they really are. This is not a Sergio Leone style western or a John Ford western, it stands on its own. Some people may not like westerns but they can still find things they like in this film, it has a stellar cast, great acting, and a believable script, all these things together help make this movie the true masterpiece it is. This movie stands as the greatest western of the last 20 years and quite possibly ever. Unforgiven does not spare violence for emotions or emotions for violence, it is perfectly balanced and in the end it will keep you questioning your own morals and one’s need for redemption. Unforgiven gets a 9.2/10.

-by William G. Bigelow


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