The Devil’s Rejects – Movie Review

The Devil’s Rejects

Plot: A group of killers are on the run, and take hold up in a motel in Texas.

My Thoughts: I love violent movies, I watched this the other night on On Demand and I was wondering if it was worth 2 hours of my time, it definately was, it had a terrific back story and plot to it, I noticed that this movie had alot of hype to it about it being so violent. One of the most violent movies ever made. Now yes it was violent and evil, but with movie franchises such as Saw, and movies like that, which are nothing more than ultra violence. This movie was in the same category but not to the extent that those movies went to, or at least I didn’t think so. By the end of this movie you are left wondering who in this movie are the bad guys, because who you figure will be the bad guys become the hunted and believe it or not you may end up feeling bad for the killers because they are persecuted.

I would rate this movie a 4.6 out of 5 because personally I don’t believe it deserved the hype of one of the most violent movies ever made.


2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Rejects – Movie Review

  1. Seemed like more of a Demented person’s kind a movie if you ask me but thats for the viewer’s to decide by all mean if your a twisted movies fan this is your poison my friends

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