Saw 3 – Movie Review

Saw 3

Plot: The madness, the mayhem , violence, bloodshed and the rest continue as a man tries to seek vengeance in a series of Jigsaw’s most vile traps ever made.

My Thoughts: I’ve seen all of the saws before, I suppose I forgot that this one was especially violent and disgusting. Some of the traps are even difficult to watch, they all have some sort of aspect of bones, skin, ripping. All of them are difficult to watch for their own separate reasons. To know what im talking about you will just have to rent the movies and watch for yourselves unless you have already seen the movies. I can’t talk enough about these traps, the brilliance of how they work and how they were able to make it are just so intriguing and mystifying even. The brutality of this movie is like nothing I have seen before. I just know, that the traps in this movie are only appetizers for traps in the movies to come along.

The plot of this one is the deepest of the three into the series so far, with so many twists and turns and the connections between all of the characters. Even the connections that we don’t find out about until the very end of the movie. Something that amazed me is that in the midst of all of the violence, the writers are still able to work a story into the movie that will leave you guessing till the very last second of the movie.

This movie, like the other ones so far, have had cliff hangers that will literally have you hanging off the edge of your seat in anticipation for the next instalment of the franchise.

The people who make these movies are clearly, insane, yet insanely brilliant at the same time to where they can make characters people can relate to (not so much the scenarios they are placed in but the back story to them.)

I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5, yes a perfect score. For reasons I have mentioned already, the fact they can make something so vile, that it is almost heartfelt. Make something so bloody and make you feel for the character, and to know what kind of struggle he or she is facing. I could go on for hours of why I enjoyed this movie so much, but for now, I hope this review will suffice.


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