Hard Candy – Movie Review

Hard Candy

Plot: Hayley Stark is a 14-year-old girl who flirts with the wrong guy on an internet chat room and finds out his dark secret and it becomes her mission to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

My Thoughts: When I first heard about this movie I thought that it was a terrifying concept because yes sadly Pedophilia is rampant in the country. So I wen into this movie not really knowing what I should expect. What I watched isn’t what I thought I would see, the movie was much more dark, and dreary and scary than I ever had imagined (Not that I thought a movie about pedophilia would be a happy fun movie).

Ellen Page in this movie was brilliant, even as being a little girl, her acting ability was superb, it was nothing like I have seen before from a little girl. Even with the heavy subject matter, she pulled it off flawlessly I believed. Next to Patrick Wilson, she was even able to hold her own.

This movie is extremely hard to watch, not only because of the story, but of some things that happen to the characters, whether it is disembowelment or the talk of suicide.

I would like to bring up that this poster accompanied with the movie, makes the perfect combination symbolizing that her body is the trap, it drags the victim into the trap, and then the trap sets off and the victim is left stranded, with no place to hide or no place to run to.

I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5, yes a perfect score for this movie because it is simply, acted perfectly, written well, and captures the frightening nature of the subject matter at hand. The movie is very dark, but I would recommend to anyone, to see this movie anyway possible.


2 thoughts on “Hard Candy – Movie Review

  1. My teenage daughter had me watch this movie a year or two ago. I loved it. However, I wish Ellen Page could show a bit more range. Every character she plays is basically the same in that it is always an obnoxious, overly intellectualized, opinionated teen girl with an over extended vocabulary. I do not know if that is all she can play or if she has just been type cast. Nonetheless, I would like to see her play something else in a film someday. Hard Candy is definitely worth seeing in WitchyPoo’s opinion too.

    • Thanks for agreeing! Sure for her age in the movie with the over extended vocabulary I wasn’t sure whether it was unbelievable or what. If you want to see a movie with her, which im my opinion is a little bit different than this role would be Inception, she can hold her own against some big names.

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