The Other Guys – Movie Review

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrel was a match made in heaven.  “The Other Guys” is a comedy starring the two as a crime-watching duo named Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz who have been stuck to their desks for a while. Two detectives (Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson) have been taking all the the high-octane, dangerous, and city-recognizing cases, putting most of the “other guys” in a paper-pushing mode. But in a more fortunate than unfortunate turn, the two daredevil detectives die, and Terry and Allen are given the chance to be the next big detectives, but things don’t go as planned.

This movie had a crapload of hype. I mean a lot. Again, Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg seemed like a great match, except for one thing: in the theater, the two only got a couple of laughs. In fact, the whut even whole movie barely got more than a couple of laughs. The jokes were a bit lame and overused, while others were over the top and stupid. The conspiracy that the duo finds is intruiging, and did leave me questioning who was the “good guys” and who weren’t. The car chases and the action scenes did stand out, some utilizing the 300-style slow-mo fights and some using that awesome spy-like New York car chases. But even though there was high production value, the jokes were lame, and some of the acting could have been better. I give this movie a 6/10. Sorry Mark, Will, but it could have been a bit less cheesy.


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