Shutter Island – Movie Review

Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is his second attempt at the thriller genre, a departure from his usual character studies. The movie opens with a ferry coming through the fog, Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and his partner Chuck (Ruffalo) are being taken to Shutter Island the investigate to escape of mental patient, Rachel Solando, who has no sense of reality or what she has done. With an Alcatraz like landscape her escape is impossible.  As the investigation intensifies Teddy begins to question his sanity and the motives of the hospital staff. Ben Kingsley and Michelle Williams deliver haunting performances that really stand out. As the film comes to it’s shocking conclusion, the final act is some of the most gripping piece of film I’ve ever seen in a thriller. Everything about this movie is great, the directing, cinematography, set design, and most notably the acting of DiCaprio which is his best performance yet and the more minor roles of Michelle Williams and Ben Kingsley. So how does this hold up to Scorsese’s earlier masterpieces, I would put this right up there as one of them.



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