DeepWater (2005)-Movie Review

Plot:  When Nat Banyon (Lucas Black) saves the life of a man named Finch (Peter Coyote), his actions are rewarded with a job restoring Finch’s crumbling motel in the small town of Deepwater. Soon Nat is consumed by his attraction to Finch’s pretty young wife, Iris (Mia Maestro), and a suspicious Finch challenges Nat to a not-so-friendly boxing match. Soon Nat discovers he may have gotten in over his head and plans to escape before it is too late. (source: IMDb)

WitchyPoo’s Review:  Ever wonder what happened to that kid who played Frank in “SlingBlade”.  Here he is, all grown up and gives yet another stellar performance.  With his talent I am surprised we don’t see him in more things than we do.

This is an older movie, but I’d not heard of it.  I am surprised.  Although it would never pass as a mega hit or become a classic, it is a good movie on it’s own merits.  It has talented actors (Coyote & Black), a plot that keeps you guessing, and a twist at the end that is unexpected.  I enjoyed it.  If you get the chance to see it, don’t pass it up.

This is a 3 out of 5 Black Cat movie on WitchyPoo’s rating scale 😉

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