A Boy and His Dog – Movie Review

This is a psychadelic movie, from the start. A Boy and His Dog, made in 1974, is based off of a short story of the same name. This post-nuclear movie set the basis for many post-apocalyptic films, stories, and more, and even influenced the video game giant “Fallout 3.” A dark comedy in genre, the story takes place in 2024, after a nuclear war reduced the world to savagery and sand with little hope of rebuilding. Like most post-apocalypse movies, it takes place in an alternate timeline, where John F. Kennedy lives through the assassination and becomes President five times. Technology rapidly evolves, and the Cold War escalates until it finally breaks down and nukes obliterate the planet. Now, onto the story. It revolves around an unlikely duo:  a wanderer,Vic (Don Johnson), and a telepathic, intelligent dog named Blood (voice by Tim McIntire). Vic is the brawn of the the two, and Blood  is the brains, making Blood the real mastermind behind most of the survival. The film begins with Vic and Blood hunting for women. The next couple of scenes depict life in the wasteland, with roving bandits, makeshift settlements, and slave drivers. Vic and Blood are in a settlement when Blood smells a woman and sets off the story. Vic, excited to have another woman, tracks her to an underground warehouse, where they fight off bandits and mutants. And then, the tagline of the movie “A Rather Kinky Tale of Survival” comes into play. Vic meets the girl, named Quilla June (Susanne Benton), and then they have sex. They have more sex. And even MORE sex. I know, right? Anyway, Quilla June abandons them but leaves a trail, Vic and Blood follow it, until they reach the door to “Downunder,” an underground city, where Vic goes in to find the girl.

This movie is old, the story is older. A film from the 1970’s and a story from the 1960’s. Like I said, old. But old does not nessescarily mean bad. In my opinion, this film is probably one of the best vintage movies I have seen in a while. The characters were the main point in this film: Blood is somewhat of a quick-witted, intelligent, Robert-Downey-Jr.-type, while Vic is the opposite. The way they quarrel over trivial things in a destroyed world gives the movie its humanity, and really lets you understand what is going on in the movie. The care and the bonds the two share for each other makes you feel good inside, while the world outside of the two is a harsh contrast of reality. The characters were nice, the setting was awe-inspiring, ’nuff said. This movie, though a bit outdated, will make you wonder. Unfortunately, there are some things that are lacking. The production value was extremely high, and really did well for the film, but the sheer weirdness of it all may be a bit overpowering. It is a truly psychadelic story (as most sci-fi movies are) and may come off as “what the f*** am I watching?” Even though the weirdness may keep you away, this movie definetly deserves a buy and the rating: 9/10. Go out and watch it.


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