Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy – Movie Review

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Plot: Ron Burgundy is the top-rated anchorman in San Diego in the ’70s. When feminism marches into the newsroom in the form of ambitious newswoman Veronica Corningstone, Ron is willing to play along at first-as long as Veronica stays in her place, covering cat fashion shows, cooking, and other “female” interests. But when Veronica refuses to settle for being eye candy and steps behind the news desk, it’s more than a battle between two perfectly coiffed anchor-persons… it’s war. (Source: IMDb)

My Thoughts: Will Ferrell in my opinion is a comedy god, almost every project that he is a part of I feel is destined to reach high levels of popularity and to be accepted by just about everyone who has a broad sense of humor. This movie caught so much power when it was released on DVD. People discovered that this movie actually is a riot and if a great movie.

Usually with movies like this, you have to accept Ferrell’s sense of humor, over the top comedy. This movie has so many moments that will have you curled over hurting from laughing so hard. From the more overt moments that every one catches, to the more subtle moments like when the boss is on the phone talking to his son.

Another thing that caught my eye with this movie was that it was cast with some fairly big name people, it surprised me and for the longest time I didn’t even know that Paul Rudd was in the movie. Even the camera man is someone big name nowadays some people just looked over him in this movie even though he does have a small role. It’s Seth Rogen, the camera on shoot at the cat fashion show and the Panda birth.

The movie, is hilarious from beginning to end. With the unrated version of this movie it has a few extra sequences, some that are extended a little bit more that will have you laughing even more in this one than in the original.

I would rate this movie a 4.7 out of 5 because it for sure made me laugh and I enjoyed that hour and a half. I recommend to anyone who is looking for something to laugh at.


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