Solitary Man (2009) Movie Review

Plot: Solitary Man tells the story of Ben Kalmen, a fifty-something New Yorker and former successful car dealer, who through his own bad choices lost his entire business. When the film opens, Ben’s on the verge of a comeback, but some of the same motivations that led to his demise are threatening to take him down again. He’s divorced from Nancy, his college sweetheart and the one person who knows him better than anyone. Although he still finds the time to hang out with his daughter Susan and his adoring grandson, she breaks off contact when she discovers he’s seeing one of her friends. His girlfriend Jordan is the daughter of a very influential businessman who’s on the board of a major auto manufacturer. If Ben can just keep his hubris in check for a little while longer, he will be back as big as ever. But circumstances place him in very close proximity with the one girl he shouldn’t touch, throwing everything into jeopardy (source:

WitchyPoo’s Review: I can use one word to sum up this movie, “pointless!”  Don’t get me wrong, Michael Douglas performance as the conflicted hero/villian of this film was phenomenal.   So you say, how can a film where the actor playing the main character gave a phenomenal performance be pointless?  Well it just is.  You keep waiting for this guy to have some sort of epiphany about his life and how he has ended up in the mess he has.  And it almost comes at the end on the bench, then the movie ends.  Leaving you to guess if he ever really “got it”.   You spend 2 hours with this character, meandering through his downwardly spiraling life, hoping that he will eventually just figure it out.  Then you are left with nothing.  It was pointless!

I give this movie one tiny little black cat out of 5 on the WitchyPoo rating scale 😉


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