Limitless – Movie Review


An action-thriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As one man evolves into the perfect version of himself, forces more corrupt than he can imagine mark him for assassination. Out-of-work writer Eddie Morra’s (Cooper) rejection by girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) confirms his belief that he has zero future. That all vanishes the day an old friend introduces Eddie to MDT, a designer pharmaceutical that makes him laser focused and more confident than any man alive. Now on an MDT-fueled odyssey, everything Eddie’s read, heard or seen is instantly organized and available to him. As the former nobody rises to the top of the financial world, he draws the attention of business mogul Carl Van Loon (De Niro), who sees this enhanced version of Eddie as the tool to make billions. But brutal side effects jeopardize his meteoric ascent. With a dwindling stash and hit men who will eliminate him to get the MDT, Eddie must stay wired long enough to elude capture and fulfill his destiny. If he can’t, he will become just another victim who thought he’d found invincibility in a bottle.

My Thoughts: I went to see this last weekend with my girlfriend. She is in love with Bradley Cooper, so that is why she wanted to see this movie so bad. I wanted to see this movie so bad because  I really loved the story of the movie. Mainly because I would take this drug and I would take the risk even though it would be a dumb thing to do.

The plot of this movie is very interseting, not only because it seems like a really cool premise but because in our society today, something like this could appear in the near future.

The movie opens up with a really peculiar scene, leaving you to believe that you know how the movie is going to end, don’t, think that, its not true, you will not see what happens coming. Just saying.

Moving onto my other thoughts, I thought that the acting in this movie was really good, Bradley Cooper is an amazing versatile actor who can do anything from straight comedy like in the Hangover and now Hangover 2. Then he can also pull off action like in the A-Team. I felt that he pulled it off with flying colors, same with DeNiro, even though someone of such a leading man stature has a very small role in this movie compared to what we have seen him in before. None the less, Mr. Cooper could pulled this movie off very well.

I only have one little bit of criticism for this movie even though I know that it was necessary. I thought that they should of stayed with the happy go lucky movie where he was enjoying his success for just a little bit longer. But yes, I know that in order to advance the story and the plot they needed to move on.

I loved this movie, I would say that if you are looking for a movie to spend your money on, go see this one! I give it a 4.3 out of 5.


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