Grace – Movie Review


Plot: Madeline Matheson is eight months pregnant and determined to deliver her unborn child, Grace, naturally. When an accident leaves Grace dead inside her, Madeline

insists on carrying the baby’s corpse to term. Weeks later, when Madeline delivers, the baby miraculously returns to life… With an appetite

My Thoughts: I have a little story behind this movie, one of my own, this movie was very hyped as a intense horror movie which will have everyone jumping out of their seats from fright, for example, in this preview:

It says be warned. Warned of what? This movie was not marketed right in my mind, it was marketed as a terrifying horror movie, when I believe that it was a thriller movie.

None the less, this movie was very intense. This goes to show you that the bond between mother and child can never be broken, no matter what. Some of the things this mom will do for her child are very chilling, and almost too much at the same time.

I felt that this movie has not gotten the proper distribution that it deserves, not once have I see it on cable, nor HBO, nor Starz, nor any other cable movie channel. I guess

that adds to the fright of it a little, because its not so mainstream, its more an indie movie where things are a little more down to earth and is not beaten down by special


I loved this movie, I thought everything was executed well, even by the little acting that was in it, only maybe 3 or 4 constant characters. The story line though, could not

have been better, the storyline was amazing, it was so original because when I first saw the preview, I thought the baby was going to turn into a zombie and eat people and that sort of thing but no, the story took a path I wasn’t expecting. So for that I have to give the movie extra points.

Now onto my rating, I loved it, so naturally, its getting a good review on my part, I am willing to back this rating up against anyone who may think differently, I give it a 5/5, a perfect thriller movie with the aspects that we all want to be in a movie, and then to top it all off, it had an amazing twist of an ending!


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