Something Borrowed – Movie Review

Something Borrowed

Plot: Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy’s fiancé.

My Thoughts: How I am still alive. I do not know. This movie was so incredibly atrocious it is insane. I went to this movie with my girlfriend, and I do like some chick flick movies, some of them can be funny with a good cast. This one. Not so much, the one good thing I will say about this movie was that it had John Krasinski in it, he is the only reason this movie was even bareable to watch because I have always loved that guy in whatever he plays.

Back to the movie, it was so predictable, and went on for way to long, the movie could of easily been cut down by 30 minutes, that is how one dimensional this plot is, it is so predictable it was laughable.  I think throughout the whole movie, I think maybe one single little pity chuckle came out.

The cast in this movie just made me so angry, with the girl who is always drunk, the stereotypical attractive guy, the lonely friend, and the tag along. I had to close my eyes and cover my ears at some points because I felt so incredibly bad, this movie tried so incredibly hard to be funny, the delivery of every single line fell flat, and there was absolutely no enthusiasm in anything that was going on.

I give this movie a 1/5. I walked out of this theater feeling like I wasted two hours of my life. There is a little scene at the very end of the credits which I was made to stay for, was maybe 30 seconds long and that was the only part that made me laugh throughout the whole movie. So if you can sit through an hour and a half of nothing for 30 seconds of something. Then this movie is for you.


5 thoughts on “Something Borrowed – Movie Review

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  2. 100% agree. I had to sit through this on Saturday and to say it was tedious would be an understatement.I can’t say I was overly suprised as I didn’t have great expectations to be honest.

    Hudson is appalling.

    Here’s my review:

  3. Yup, why on earth you would want to be her best friend is anyone’s guess?

    She has no redeeming qualities.

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