Babysitter Wanted – Movie Review

Babysitter Wanted

Plot: In a small college town, a young girl working on a babysitting job in a rural farm is terrorized throughout the night.

My Thoughts: Well, this movie I thought was going to be very similar to the type of movie that the strangers was or that some of the other terror in the night movies are like when a stranger calls which this movie is very much so compared too. Well let me say that this movie really sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. Yes it definitely has that terror that the strangers had but this movie is not what it seems at all. I would describe this movie as the strangers on steroids because it adds onto terror movies like this with something that is even scarier.

I do not want to say too much about the twist to this movie because it would ruin the suspense but let me tell you that when I call it a twist, it is an understatement. The movie completely changes gear in a few seconds.

I really liked Sarah Thompson (Angie Albright) because she really played that religious innocent girl very well, she was a very sweet girl without any sort of dark past and I really like the way she portrayed that role.

Not only did Sarah Thompson do a really good job acting in this movie but so did everyone else, her roommate played a really good bad girl who was just flirting with disaster at every chance she could get along with trying to corrupt Angie. Then, the farmer Bruce Thomas was able to pull off a movie role very well even though he has really only done TV Shows and other miscellaneous short films here and there.

This movie had a pretty low budget but they were able to pull it off great with effects, gore, and especially quality of filming, it was shot very professionally making it seem like it had a much larger budget than the film was allotted.

If you are looking for a movie that will offer you a good scare, then this movie is for sure one you should look too. I am not the only one that is giving this movie a good review, it has a decent review on IMDb and if you stumble upon a website that is not so purist about when a stranger calls you can actually get some good feedback.

I give the movie a 4 out of 5 because as it was strong in some spots but it was not in other spots, I can’t tell what I felt was wrong with it because it would be a major spoiler that would ruin the whole suspense of the movie so I am going to let you watch it and maybe you will figure out what I felt was lacking.


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