Super 8 – Movie Review (Ticking Ticket)

In the tradition of “E.T.” and “The Goonies,” “Super 8” brings back the classic feel of the 80’s adventure films. This time around, Steven Spielberg produced the film, while the awesome J.J. Abrams penned and directed it.  This film builds up wonderfully; nothing is spelled out for the audience…not even the relationships of the characters. There is some great new talent in this film, and each character is fleshed out to the T. New comer Joel Courtney has the wide eye wonder that every kid can relate to, and Elle Fanning is fantastic and a talent to watch out for. The story is nothing new, but the way it’s presented is fresh, and has sprinklings of the great movies we grew up with. This concept could have gone very wrong in lesser hands, but Abrams and Spielberg have kept a powerful emotional core to this film, which will move you. In fact, by the time you do get the face to face with the elusive creature, it’s quite heartbreaking because the buildup was so great.  I was quite surprised that they pulled this off. This film is an instant classic…one of the Summer’s best films. A Must See!          (for the latest spoiler-free movie  reviews check out


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