Quarantine 2: Terminal – Movie Review

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Plot: A plane is taken over by a mysterious virus. When the plane lands it is placed under quarantine. Now a group of survivors must band together to survive the quarantine.

My Thoughts: I was a fan of the movie Quarantine, and the [REC] series, they really are able to suck me in, so when I first heard that they were putting this movie into production, I was so excited! Then when I found out that it was mainly going to be focused on a plane, I became a little wary because thoughts of the horrible movie Flight Of The Dead began to swirl in my mind and I was hoping and held my fingers crossed that when this was released it would be nothing like that movie. Luckily the movie was not at all like that and for the most part, didn’t really even focus on the plane, more on the airport terminal.

I have to make a comparison that may not work for some people but I would compare this movie like how I compared the Hangover 2 and the first Hangover, Q2 paid a lot of homages to the first Quarantine but throughout the movie you can see why it sets it self apart from the first one.

  1. They dropped the shaky camera footage so that they could expand the realm of possibilities of shooting the movie.
  2. The violence in this movie has definitely been stepped up since the first one.
  3. The scares in this movie are a little more defined in this movie than in the first one, even though at some points you can predict what is going to happen, who is going to jump out.
  4. This one had more rats.

Before I continue let me say that this movie was not based on [REC2] in the slightest and people thought that it was going to be but luckily they differed from the story even though at the end of this movie they say that this movie was inspired by the [REC] franchise, so for all of the purists out there, you will be happy to know that this movie is orignal in its own way.

I also want to say something that may come as a shock to a lot of people, this movie had been well received, to the maybe 3,000 people who have seen it yet, it is getting good reviews and is being accepted into the community who would watch this. I think that Q2 is better than Quarantine. Hands down, I have to admit that I like the whole shaky camera thing, but I also like the production value just a little bit more.

This movie scared me a lot more than the first one did, the first one, yes still made me jump, but this movie made me turn on the light because it was getting to dark.

One thing that I actually kind of liked that was the same between the two movies was the whole night vision sequence, I thought that even though they had done it in the first Quarantine, in the [REC] movies, they placed it in this movie at the right spot and it didn’t seem to be forced in my opinion.

I give this movie a solid 4.6 out of 5.

Spoiler Alert

Now I am not one to speculate about the plot of the movies just by the ending credits but I am going to for this one because the two prospects that were shown/ heard are as follows.

  1. We see a shot of Las Vegas and the cat that was in the plain, who shakes off his fur that we are led to believe was all bloody, who then leaves the screen giving us a clear view of Las Vegas. A title could be Q3: Sin City
  2. During the credits we hear a lot of different sounds, from helicopters to sirens, but then there is one very distinctive sound that I picked up on. A jail cell door closing, now maybe we are led to believe that the next Quarantine will be in a Jail? I don’t know but a title could be Q3: Cell

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