I can’t say I’m a huge fan of westerns. I enjoy some of them, but not all. I’m more of a fan of some of the westerns depending on who is in them and some of the westerns that probably aren’t considered true westerns by some die hard fans.

So I enjoyed Stagecoach. Being as I’m not a fanatic for westerns I don’t feel right saying it was amazing, but it was pretty damn good. I felt like my interest started to wane towards the end though. It was a long hot day so that may be part of the problem there.

My favorite thing about the film was the cast. John Wayne is John Wayne. I don’t feel like much of an explanation is needed for him. He does a good job. Andy Devine was really good and I feel slightly ashamed admitting this, but I instantly recognized his voice as Friar Tuck from the Disney version of Robin Hood. I had a hard time getting that out of my head, but he is a good actor. Thomas Mitchell was pretty good as the doctor as well. Actually the cast seemed to make this kind of a light hearted film for a while which from my limited western knowledge doesn’t usually seem to be the case.

It’s a pretty well known western and with John Ford directing in addition to John Wayne you should probably enjoy it. Defiantly not a bad western to try if you aren’t all that familiar with the genre.


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