Midnight Cowboy

I finally watched Midnight Cowboy. It’s one of those films your supposed to watch if you like films not movies. I’m sure I’ll get bashed and catch a lot of shit for this, but I didn’t really care for Midnight Cowboy. There were things in it that are exceptional, but overall it just didn’t strike me as being the best movie ever or something that I have a desire to watch, though that last bit may be due more to how depressing this movie is.

The acting is great by John Voight and even more so by Dustin Hoffman. They both deserved the Oscar nominations they got. Don’t know about how they are compared to John Wayne in True Grit since everybody here was top form. All the praise you here about these two men in this film is spot on though and that is exactly why you should watch the movie. Those two character are interesting and the acting is great.

A lot of the cinematography was really neat to see as well. I loved how well New York was captured. It’s easier to make a something look nice and shiny than truly dark and gritty.

The writing was ok. I guess when you look at the characters and dialogue than yes that was really good, but overall I suppose I wasn’t entirely impressed. The story is fascinating and there’s a lot to pay attention to. I guess this is where the directing bothered me and where some fo the 60s film techniques bugged the hell out of me.

I hate the attempts to capture people getting high or tripping in film. It’s always crap and runs to long. Fuck Easy Rider and Midnight Cowboy for that alone. I can’t stand it and it ruins good movies. Maybe if I got really high I might enjoy those scenes, but I’d probably scare the shit out of myself instead.

I didn’t really care for the constant flashbacks trying to explain John Voight’s character either. I didn’t think they did a great job at explaining what happened to him and at times they were inserted in places that didn’t seem to fit.

There are other little things, but I guess that’s what put me off. Just a number of little things that I just didn’t care for. That and I feel like a lot of the movie is dated, not that it is entirely bad. More that this means an older audience will probably enjoy this more. It was a big deal that this was X-Rated, yet to a generation such as mine, this movie hardly deserves an X-Rating.

It is a really good movie, but it just isn’t my cup of tea for whatever reason. It reminds me of my feelings for Easy Rider. A lot of it, especially the beginning, is phenomenal and I loved most of that and the performances were great. Yet at a certain point the film gets a bit odd and it just puts me off and ruins the earlier part of the film. Watch it for yourself though and decide on your own.


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