MrMovieFiend Exclusive Interview With Uwe Boll

Luckily we were able to get a chance to ask Uwe Boll a few questions!

1.       Tell us a little about yourself?

You can find me on facebook, wikipedia …  

2.       Not only are you a writer but you also do a lot of producer and director work, which is the most fun to do and why?

I love directing movies most …working with crew and cast

3.       You have been panned on the internet very unfairly in my opinion because I love your directing style and I think that you are very good at what you do, has any of the chatter on the internet discouraged you or encouraged you?

The serious press is negativ influenced  by the internet bashers ….this is sometimes negativ.

4.       You seem to be a fan of Bloodrayne, which of the games were your favorite and what system do you play them on?

I like the BLOODRAYNE character ….  I did not like the games so much

5.       You have been involved in all of the Bloodrayne movies, what drew you to them in the first place and what continues to bring you back to them?

Every part has a different story and represents a different genre …the first one a classic vampire movie, then a vampire western    and now a vampire war movie …

6.       Judging by your filmography, you like to do a lot of horror and thriller movies, is it safe to say that those are your favorite genres?

No…but its safe to say that this genres make more money as other genres

7.       What makes you want to keep making those kinds of movies?

I like them and I get them financed

8.       Not only were you the director of one of my favorite movies Rampage, you were also the producer and writer. What motivated you to write a character like Bill?

This is a movie I developed in a way like:  I want to see a movie ike this .

9.       How did you first come up with story of Rampage?

Its a movie about greed and our society ….you have to be cmpletly ruthless and this will bring you the most success

10.   Was it tough to find the right person to play Bill?

In a way yes and no ..because I talked with Brendan already where I wrote it …

11.   Brendan Fletcher who did play Bill is now going to be in Bloodrayne: The Third Reich which you are also directing, did he get a spot in the movie because of the good experience you had with him in Rampage?

Yes …But he was also in Bloodrayne 2 and HEART OF AMERICA

12.   Tell us about the new movie you are presenting, “Eaters”

I love what the 2 italian guys did …a very harsh extreme hard gory zombie movie

13.   What is next for Uwe Boll?

my thriller BAILOUT …its like RAMPAGE on wallstreet


All of us at MrMovieFiend would like to thank Uwe Boll for taking time out of his schedule to answer some questions!


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