Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara **** 1/2

Being an Actor, I was very appreciative of  Zoya Akhtar’s previous film “Luck by Chance”, which showed the life, the struggle and thesuccess of a group of actors. I was very impressed and patiently waited for her next
film. I am happy to say “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” is Inspiring, full of comedy, and just plain fun to watch. The Actors, writers and everyone involved have managed to capture those moments in life that are indescribable and put it on film. Moments of facing and overcoming fear, moments of Glory and moments of inspiration. Farhan Akhtar is quite the Renaissance man and his acting gets better with each film. Abhay Deol is one of the best new comers of the past 5 years. Hrithik is amazing and really lets loose in this film. I still think he can do better though. If he “just let’s go” of being a perfectionist and lets himself live in the moment.  I did like watching him play against type though. (I still have one question, how was his character such a great dancer? He plays a workaholic stock broker.) Katrina Kaif fits the role perfectly but I am still waiting to see some range from her. There is poetry that echoes throughout this film and evokes the essence of each character. There is beauty in this film and it’s not only because it was shot in Spain, but it certainly helps. Both cultures meshed wonderfully and the festive scenes brought out the flare of Bollywood and the Spicy pizzazz of Spain. Technically, this film is almost perfect and the Soundtrack is pretty catchy. “ZNMD” is one of the best films to come out of Bollywood since “3 Idiots” and I recommend it highly. A Must See!
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