So I was home briefly the other day and my sister had rented Dragonheart from the library to watch and I decided to watch it with her. We actually own the movie on VHS, but alas we don’t have a working VHS player anymore.

I loved this movie when I was little. Watching it again, it really isn’t quite a kids movie, but it sorta is. To me it falls in some weird in between area. There are some bloody moments and a younger audience may miss a lot, but it is lighthearted enough for the most part that kids would enjoy it. I certainly did and it still holds up.

This is not a great movie though. It’s just something you pop in to kill time, or like me, to feel some lovely old nostalgia. And while I don’t think it’s great, there are a number of reasons to watch it for your first time as an adult.

The acting is iffy. Sean Connery voices an animated dragon, which for the most part looks pretty good considering the time and what the budget was probably for this film. His voice is amazing and he does a good job just voice acting. Dennis Quaid isn’t stellar. He’s kinda charming and his accent/attempt at a gruff voice annoyed me. Most of the smaller performances really aren’t that great or at least I didn’t feel blown away. I did enjoy Pete Postlethwaite’s small supporting part as a monk or whatever it was. Clearly not his greatest work but he was nice to see. Jason Isaacs also makes a small appearance and is good, though I always like him. David Thewlis though. That man was the best here. As mediocre as some of the acting may have been, he seemed to be doing a great job. I recall being creeped out by him as a kid and that feeling stuck. The man is a great actor and even in a less than stellar film he did a great job. Also it was cool to see Thewlis (Lupin) and Isaacs (Luciaus Malfoy) and think of their Harry Potter roles during this film.

I also continually feel very moved by the end of the movie. The score here is amazing and used wonderfully, and the finalish scene is a great example of utilizing that. Maybe I’m just a sucker for these kinda emotional bits in odd movies. I don’t really cry often or really at all (not trying to sound macho, but I tend to keep my emotions to myself. I’m just weird like that), but if I did I would sob by the end of this movie every time.

I dunno. I also feel like this isn’t as dark and grim as some movies are. I enjoy those lovely gritty pieces, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy something that is lighter or in this case a bit more balanced.

Not a great film, but a nice sorta family film. Enjoyable for a rainy day or when you are stuck inside.


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