PLOT (spoiler alert):

Tamara, a shy and “unattractive” but intelligent girl, likes witchcraft and has a crush on Bill Natolly, her handsome English teacher. When a critical article she writes about the school’s athletes is published, two of the star athletes, Shawn and Patrick, want revenge. Tamara attempts to perform a magical ritual to bind her fate to that of her teacher, but when she must spill her own blood she ceases the ritual. That night, a prank is orchestrated by Shawn and Patrick along with Shawn’s girlfriend Kisha. Shawn calls Tamara, impersonating Mr. Natolly, and invites her to a motel room. A video camera is placed there and catches Tamara undressing. Shawn, Patrick, and Kisha watch this, along with three others who did not know about the prank (Chloe, Jesse, and Roger). Shawn comes in and taunts Tamara, and Tamara is accidentally killed in a struggle. Despite Chloe’s demands that they inform the police, she is blackmailed into helping bury Tamara.

However, they are shocked when Tamara walks into class, looking more attractive than ever before. They convince themselves that she was only unconscious and dug her way out of the ground. That night, while Roger is watching a movie in the school AV room, the image on the screen suddenly changes to the video of Tamara. Roger removes the tape and is confronted by Tamara. She torments him with hallucinations of what it is like to be buried alive and with his history of cutting himself. The next day, he sends a televised message to the entire school in which he proclaims that one should ‘hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil.’ He then cuts off his ear and tongue with a razor blade, then stabs himself in the eye and kills himself.

Tamara then visits the home of Mr. Natolly, intending to seduce him. He resists her, she says that ‘it is only a matter of time.’ The next day, she visits the school guidance counselor, Allison, who is Mr. Natolly’s wife. Tamara confronts Allison, mentioning Allison and Mr. Natolly’s infertility problems. Realizing that her father fantasizes about being with her and that his alcoholism drove her mother away, Tamara makes him “finish the bottle,” requiring him to eat a beer bottle. At a party, Tamara puts a spell on Patrick and Shawn, and forces them to have sex with each other, with Patrick raping Shawn as he has done to girls in the past. Kisha attempts to stop Tamara, but is incapacitated when Tamara begins to talk about Kisha’s eating disorder. Tamara tells Kisha that she is ‘skin and bone, and really should eat more.’ Kisha begins to eat herself into a stupor, but is taken away by Jesse and Chloe. When Chloe and Jesse call Mr. Natolly and tell him about what happened, Kisha (still under the spell) calls Tamara and tells her that Mr. Natolly knows. Kisha is knocked out by Chloe. Chloe, Jesse, and Mr. Natolly go to Tamara’s house, where they find the corpse of Tamara’s father and a spellbook describing the ritual Tamara tried to perform. They realize that when they killed Tamara that night, her blood was spilled, completing the ritual and allowing her to rise from the grave as what she is.

Meanwhile, Tamara, learning of what the others know, sends Shawn and Patrick to the Natolly residence to kill Allison. They try, but Allison accidentally kills them both. Kisha and Allison are both taken to the hospital and treated, but Kisha wakes up and chases down Jesse and Chloe, resulting in Jesse’s death. In the climax of the film on the roof of the hospital, Mr. Natolly, Allison, Chloe, and Tamara finally confront each other. Tamara is unable to control Chloe because of her being innocent and realizing the monster that she herself has become. She breaks down and slowly changes back into a corpse. Before fading away, Tamara asserts her will to be with Mr. Natolly and he appears to surrender to the inevitable. Mr. Natolly holds Tamara close and kisses her, then throws himself off the roof with Tamara. In the end, Chloe and Allison are fine, but Kisha, still apparently under the spell, takes the spell book.


If you mix Carrie, Jennifer’s Body, and a hint of The Craft, then you get Tamara.

This independent horror film follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who decide it would be cool to play a prank on the “unattractive” girl, but that goes wrong, and let’s just say, what goes around comes around.

From what I understand, this film didn’t perform too well at the box office. As a matter of fact, if not for Netflix suggesting it, I would never even know about it. I can’t sit here and say that it was worth the 90 minutes I spent watching it, but it wasn’t totally horrible.

The good…as recycled and cliché and this story is, it works (even if it is quite obvious what is going to happen in the end). Tamara, played by Jenna Dewan, is a bona fide hottie, even when she’s supposed to be “unattractive”. The main cast members seem to have nice chemistry between themselves.

The bad…these are supposed to be high school students, yet they all look to be about my age. As I just mention, Tamara is hot, but if she was supposed to be unattractive, they could have done something more to her. Heck, give the girl acne, at least! The last few minutes of this film suddenly turn into a slasher flick. nothing particularly wrong with that, but the effects didn’t sell me, maybe because I had already lost almost all interest in this flick.

In the end, Tamara is not a film for everyone. I’m not big on horror films, so it wasn’t for me, but I’m sure there are those out there that would be more than willing to sit through this film over and over again. As far as the flick in general, it seems to be just a step above something you’d see late at night or on Syfy channel. don’t get me wrong, this film isn’t as bad I seem to be making out to be, but it isn’t great, either. Should you watch it? Well, if you do, its at your own risk.

3 out of 5 stars


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