Arthur (1981)

Since I watched the remake earlier I decided to re-watch the original Arthur after the fact and the sequel is up next. I found it fitting to do some drinking while enjoying the film, so my opinion and this post be impaired.

Arthur is indeed a classic. Dudley Moore created a fantastic character that can never be remade. That being said, I stand by my original thoughts on the remake. Look that post up if ya want.

What is so lovely about Dudley Moore’s character is that he doesn’t piss you have. He’s a happy drunk that doesn’t do much harm. Not much really changes about him, but it’s no biggie. You love him throughout the movie because he doesn’t do anything wrong. And Moore is amazing with the role. -Side Note- I thought it funny that Moore is rather short and in the remake they chose Brand who is taller than most. Just odd that both Arthur’s were vertically challenged/blessed.

Liza Minnelli was really good. Don’t know much to say about her other than that. Had no qualms. John Gielgud was great as Hobson. Amazing wit and dry humor.

Might not be much of a review, but there isn’t much to say. This is a classic for a reason. It’s iconic for a reason. If you haven’t watched it than you need to. As far as the remake goes, I felt that it tried to expand more on the original. They tried to add some more emotion to certain aspects of the film, while the original is pretty cut and dry, which is why it is amazing. I’ve never seen the sequel (about to though), but I’m sure it’s worse than both the original and remake.


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