Red State – Movie Review

Red State

Plot: Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.

My Thoughts: Well, where should I begin with this movie, it is inventive, disturbing, horrifying and captivating beyond belief. Kevin Smith did an amazing job with this movie, being the Writer and Director. The characters in this movie are so reprehensible, so evil, so terrifying, you may find yourself getting angry at the screen because this movie touches on very taboo subjects and on things that have been in the news as of late. This movie comes from a very true place because if you do not know much about middle American culture and beliefs, you may think this story is one of complete fiction, but there are radical christian groups out there, you may even consider them to be “cults” but whatever they are, this is the movie that taps into the vein of what these people believe in. Personally I do not agree with what those people believed in in this movie so I am biased in regards of judgement towards them. But to avoid creating any conflict here I will shy away from telling and expressing my views.

The acting in this movie was amazing, other than John Goodman, when he was chewing his gum, I could not stand it, I had to turn the volume way down so I didn’t hear the extremely audible chewing and lip smacking. With that said, the rest of the cast was amazing, Michael Parks was so convincing in his role of Abin Cooper, he was so evil and so disgusting, he played the role so well, he was the main stand out role in this movie by far. Coming in at a close second would have to be Melissa Leo who played Sara, she was the mom from hell, she was one of the followers of Abin Cooper and she played a brain-washed mother, she was very good playing that part, whether or not being a brain-washed character is a good or bad thing.

I saw this movie being classified as a horror movie and I don’t think that this should be counted as a horror movie, if anything… I really don’t know what genre it would be, it had aspects of really everything you could want in a film, it had a little bit of dry humor, it was very dramatic, it was also thrilling, so to lump all of those together I would classify it as a thriller.

I do have one small issue with this movie, not to spoil anything because it would ruin a lot, but the movie’s ending was not what I was hoping for, I will leave it at that, it is a twist, but I liked it, and at the same time did not. I wanna know what you thought of the ending.

Now to the rating, I give this movie a flat out 5 out of 5. I thought the story was provocative and amazing, what made this movie even better is it showed Kevin Smith’s talents, instead of just doing another Clerk’s or Jay & Silent Bob, he pushed the boundaries and made a movie that is sure to piss a lot of people off, and for that Kevin Smith, I tip my hat to you, great job.


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