Bereavement – Movie Review


Plot: The horrific account of 6 year old Martin Bristol, abducted from his backyard swing and forced to witness the brutal crimes of a deranged madman.

My Thoughts: FINALLY! I finally got to see this mystical movie that has been talked about on the internet for the longest time, I had almost given up hope on seeing this movie because I didn’t know anything about a DVD release date, but I decided to keep searching, lo and behold, DVD release on the 29th of August. I actually bought this DVD, the first one I have bought in so long thanks too Netflix, and On Demand. I wanted it in Blu Ray but couldn’t find it, oh well, enough about my sorrows.

This movie has about as much hype and anticipation that I do for the new Lars Von Trier movie Melancholia, but Bereavement, was absolutely amazing. Like it says on the DVD sleeve, it was worth the wait, this movie was 100% worth the money spent, and the time spent on watching it. Before I go any further I have yet to see the movie that goes along with this called Malevolence, Bereavement is a prequel too Malevolence, I really want to see it though so as soon as I get the chance I am going too.

This movie had an amazing story, it captivated you and held you in because Sutter was a sadistic man and you never knew what sick actions he would do so it really kept you on the edge of your seat. Going back to Sutter for a second, Brett Rickaby did an amazing job, for the entire movie he played a very good psycho killer. The rest of the acting was very good, Spencer List did a great job, even though I don’t think he said 2 words in the entire movie, he still played a very good innocent little kid. There was one GLARING problem I had with this movie, the acting of William (Nolan Gerard Funk) was terrible, every time he was on the screen I wanted him to leave because he had no emotion in anything he did and I did not want him to ruin the movie, luckily he did not.

The violence in this movie was good, of course being the gore and blood addict that I am, was hoping for ton’s more, but I felt that it had just the right amount for the movie, it didn’t take away from the film, and it didn’t make the movie all about the violence, it still left a lot of room and a lot of time for the story to develop.

The movie has created a lot of buzz because people think that this movie has sort of “redefined” whatever genre a magazine or website lumps it into, the thing is, I think this movie is 3 different genres, they usually all go hand in hand. I felt it was a drama, a horror, and a thriller movie, I don’t know if I would say if it redefined those genres, it certainly enhanced them and set the bar pretty damn high for all movies that are going too follow.

I give this movie an absolute 5 out of 5, so far my favorite movie of the year, it had everything I was hoping for and the movie was sure worth the 2 years of anticipation and angst that built up too it.


2 thoughts on “Bereavement – Movie Review

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  2. this movie is retarded. It has no real story line I think any common day dumbass could have put together a man just killing everybody wtf.

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