Your Highness

I thought I would like Your Highness. I mean I love James Franco and Natalie Portman and Danny McBride has been in some good stuff. That and a comedy with knights and whatnot? What isn’t to like about that for an English nerd like me?

I really did not like this movie at all. It just kind of sucked. The jokes were nothing new and in other films or real life I do normally laugh at that kind of stuff. For whatever reason it just did not work here. Maybe it was because the gags were just very obvious and didn’t seemed like they were worked in all that well.

The story was odd and consulted, but I didn’t expect anything good there. I assumed it would be weir and wouldn’t make sense. It’s one of those comedies. Unfortunately it wasn’t funny enough to cover up the story.

The acting was ok I guess. Franco and Portman seemed decent enough. I enjoyed Toby Jones brief appearance, though they fucked up me thinks. Initially he is tall. Like Danny McBrides height as they talk and are eye level with each other. It looked like they did some crappy CGI on Jones and put his head on some weird body. The rest of the film though on the “quest” he is his normal height and body. I also enjoyed Damian Lewis, but again it was a small part and wasn’t anything special. I’ve skipped Danny McBride for a reason. I’ve never really cared about him. He’s been in some good stuff, but I really don’t care for him in most of those movies. Occasionally I’ll like a bit, but usually not. This was one of those films where I wasn’t converted at all. I understand that his characters aren’t the most likable and that isn’t why I don’t find him funny. I haven’t put much thought into, but its one of those taste things I suppose.

I didn’t like the film and I’m glad I didn’t go see it in theaters like I initially wanted. The only thing I think could improve this film was if I had watched it while backed and I don’t know if that would have actually helped.


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