Four Lions

Four Lions is a satire and a dark comedy. If you are easily offended chances are you won’t enjoy this film. I can also see where Muslims and Americans would feel less than thrilled about this film as well. That being said, it’s bloody brilliant.

The film is sort of a fake documentary, but not really. I mean not really a documentary, it is fake. The use of some documentary style elements just helps to make the movie seem more intimate and a bit more real. It follows a group of British wanna be jihadists who really have no clear motivation as to why they want a jihad.  They aren’t that bright either.

To me the movie wasn’t offensive to Muslims. Nor did it really make fun of events such as 9/11 or the London Bombings. In its own way, the film tries to take a look at why someone would want to blow themselves up? For these four characters (five technically), there really doesn’t seem to be a clear reason. They seem like children who got got up in the craze of a new TV show and want to dress like that character.

While it certainly is funny, the humor is rather dark. It’s also quite sad. Not in a pathetic kind of way. A character blows himself by accident. The event is funny. I had a hard time not laughing. At the same time it was kind of sad, mostly because of the character.  There are a number of these kind of moments.

Again it is not for everyone. I’m sure plenty of people think I’m sick for laughing during this movie or even watching it. To some,  there are just some subjects that are not funny. Rape for example. However I have to agree with George Carlin. Anything can be funny, especially if it’s done properly.

So the premise of the movie alone should drive people away who aren’t going to like it. Personally it was handled well and is actually a brilliant satire.


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