The film opens with Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) dressing herself in front of a dirty mirror. In a voice over, she discusses her business as a call girl, explaining that she must be capable of pleasing her clients with her words, as well as with her actions.

Catherine (Julianne Moore), a gynecologist, is working in her office. She glances out of her window at different times to see Chloe entering hotels with her clients. Catherine’s husband David (Liam Neeson), a college professor, lectures to a class in another city. Catherine hosts a surprise birthday party for David, who has not yet arrived. After assuring the guests that David is just minutes away, she gets a call from him saying that he missed his flight and will not make it home in time for his birthday. The next morning ,after arriving home, Catherine suspects David of having an affair after she sees a picture of him and the female student hugging on his phone.

That evening David and Catherine go to dinner with two friends. David flirts with the waitress, upsetting Catherine. Catherine goes to the restroom and enters a stall. Overhearing a woman crying in the next stall, she asks her if everything is okay. Catherine hands her some toilet paper under the partition and exits her stall. The woman (Chloe) follows. As they are washing their hands, Chloe offers Catherine her hairpin. Catherine refuses, kindly, then says she must return to her husband. During dinner, Catherine notices Chloe with another client.

After work, Catherine stops by the hotel bar where Chloe spends the majority of her time waiting for potential clients. Chloe, looking at Catherine passionately, tells her that she “[doesn’t] usually meet with women.” Catherine reassures Chloe, explaining that she suspects her husband of infidelity. She wants Chloe to go to David’s coffee shop in the morning and test his loyalty. The next evening Catherine and Chloe meet at a bar. Chloe tells Catherine that she asked David to kiss her, and he did. Angered, Catherine tells Chloe that that wasn’t what she wanted her to do. However, she insists that Chloe meet with David again.

The next evening, Chloe tells Catherine that she went with David to a garden, where she seduced him. Catherine is heartbroken. Once more, she insists that Chloe meet with David again. The next day Catherine receives a text message from Chloe at work, asking her to meet her at a hotel. When Catherine arrives, Chloe tells her that she had sex with David. She describes the encounter in explicit detail, but rather than causing Catherine more heartbreak, it arouses her. Chloe, feeling remorse, kisses Catherine, who abruptly leaves.

At home, David sends instant messages to someone on his computer and pays little attention to Catherine. Upset, Catherine meets Chloe at a hotel and has sex with her. Afterwards, Catherine and Chloe share a taxi and Chloe offers her her hairpin again. She says it was her mother’s, and she wants Catherine to have it. Catherine doesn’t reply to Chloe but she takes the hairpin. Catherine enters her home to find David waiting for her. He asks her if she’s been unfaithful. Catherine becomes infuriated and tells him she’s been meaning to ask him the same question. David declines to respond.

The next afternoon, Catherine arrives at her office after lunch to find several missed calls from Chloe and an email with a picture of them in bed together. Catherine calls her and discovers that Chloe is waiting in her waiting room. Chloe enters Catherine’s office with flowers, and asks her if she enjoyed the sex the night before. Embarrassed, Catherine admits that she did, but explains that their business is finished and pays her for the work she has done. Chloe leaves Catherine’s office crying. Seeking revenge, Chloe goes to Michael’s (Catherine’s son) hockey practice and they flirt.

That night Catherine and David go to a coffee house, where Catherine demands that David admit that he is having an affair. David admits that he lied to her for avoiding the birthday party (because he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday), but he denies that he is having an affair. Chloe suddenly walks in and David genuinely does not appear to know who Chloe is. Chloe realizes that it is a trap and leaves quickly. Catherine realizes that Chloe made up her encounters with David and that Chloe loved her because Catherine gave her attention.

Catherine apologizes to David for not having trusted him, and admits that she worried about him because she was getting older and more insecure about her appearance. Then she confesses her sexual encounters with Chloe. David, shocked but understanding, embraces and kisses her.

Jealous, Chloe goes to Catherine’s home and has sex with Michael in Catherine and David’s bed. Catherine arrives home to find them. Chloe tells Catherine that “money isn’t enough to make her go away”. Catherine apologizes and Catherine asks Chloe what she wants. Chloe asks for one last kiss and Catherine complies. Michael then sees what is going on on, startling Catherine and causing her to accidentally push Chloe into the bedroom window, breaking the glass. Chloe manages to grab hold of the frame but then, with a triumphant smile, lets herself fall and dies. Later, at Michael’s graduation party, Catherine is shown to be wearing Chloe’s hairpin in her hair.


It seems as if every DVD that I’ve watched since about April or May has advertised this film, so I finally caved in and decided to check out Chloe.

This is one of those erotic thriller flicks that is sure to make people either hot or bothered, or both.

The plot is interesting. A young prostitute gets hired by a woman who suspects her flirty husband of actually acting out his flirtations. This leads to a fatal attraction of sorts between the prostitute and the woman, ending in the death of one of them.

As with most films of this genre, the first hour or so is spent developing the characters. I understand this is necessary in order to make them more relatable to the audience and all, but at the same time, and this may just be my ADHD talking, I just wanted to get on with the story.

Sometimes these films can get so tedious and boring, but just when it seems as if you’re ready to fall asleep, there is a scene that makes you sit up and take notice. In this case, that would be the lesbionic scene between Amanda Seyfried and Julianna Moore. This was one of the hottest scenes I’ve seen in quite sometime. I do wonder, though, why are Julianne Moore’s nipples so damn sharp and pointy?!?

The cast here works for me. Although, I wouldn’t exactly picture Seyfried as a prostitute. Something about her seemed to pure. Ironically, she played the antithesis to this character with her role opposite Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body.

Julianne Moore comes off as bit paranoid and unbecoming (except for her shower and sex scene) here, yet it works for this film. A testament to her acting skills, if you ask me.

Liam Neeson is nothing more than the token male here, but when he does deliver some lines or have something to do with the story, it is worth paying attention.

I can’t sit here and say that I enjoyed Chloe, but at the same time I didn’t hate it. This is one of those pictures that was good, just not my cup of tea. For those of you that are into this type of stuff, check it out.

3 out of 5 stars


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