The Big Year

I went and saw The Big Year the other day. I’ve been waiting for it fora  while, mainly because Steve Martin is in it. I also really wasn’t sure what the movie was going to be. They easily could have made it very over the top and bizarre.

So the movie is about birders and achieving a Big Year, meaning you’ve seen/heard the most birds in a year. That numbers i in the 700’s. Jack Black is the main character and narrates the story. Honestly as soon as he started narration I was disappointed. The movie isn’t all that original structurally. Jack Black is this sort of pathetic dude with nothing good in his life. He has been planning this Big Year attempt for a while and puts everything in it. A girl gets involved and the end is all happy happy nice nice. Well almost (that spoiler will come later).

As uninteresting as the overall film was, it was still good. Jack Black and Owen Wilson didn’t irritate me to much, though neither one was spectacular. To be honest Steve Martin wasn’t amazing either. Still, none of them were horrible. Just very sup-par to my expectations.

The cast though is impressive, regardless to how well they acted. Especially the supporting cast. The supporting cast made this film, because they were all unknown actors (that’s sarcasm). Rosamund Pike, Kevin Pollack, Joel McHale, Brian Dennehy, Jim Parsons, Angelica Huston, Rashida Jones, Tim Blake Nelson, and a few more still show up as well. I loved all of them, even if some were very small parts. Casts like this just fascinate me. Oh and John Cleese does a little voice part briefly.

The movie isn’t laugh out loud funny the entire time, but there are some great bits and they come up often enough to at least keep you chuckling.

The movie isn’t always that funny though. That’s what makes it better. All of the characters have some kind of problems back home and birding either gets in the way or helps. These more emotional parts really aren’t all that grand, but it still helped round the movie out. It helped keep it from being some bizarre zany film about nutters who watch birds.

It’s not spectacular. For me it was a bit of a let down. Still, it was nice to watch. I probably wouldn’t go to the theater to see it, but if you want to get out fo the house this is isn’t going to be a bad choice. There are far worse movies out.


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