Ever Since The World Ended

My senior thesis revolves around post-apocalyptic literature and films so I’ve been doing a lot of reading and film watching with movies revolving around those themes. I haven’t posted reviews of most of them, due mostly to the volume of movies I’ve watched. That and some are just pretty crappy.

Ever Since the World Ended is kind of crappy. The ideas behind it are good and actually quite interesting. On that level it’s actually helping a lot for my thesis, but the movie itself just doesn’t work. Part of it probably has to do with it being an indie film, but that really isn’t an excuse. There are a number of amazing indie films out there.

It’s twelve years after some plague took out most of San Francisco and presumably the rest of the world. There are 186 people left in the city and we don’t see most of them. The film is set up as a documentary. Some fo the survivors have some film equipment and make a crappy documentary. It’s not very cohesive. They sort of start talking about the onset of the plague, but not for long. They get into this one community and just branch of into a bunch of little nonsense stories that don’t fit together.

That’s the biggest problem with the story. I’m willing to forgo how unbelievable a lot of it is. I can accept that. The stories they tell don’t quite make sense. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of the documentary’s footage. The Mark story for example is still confusing. Same with the ending. It’s just this random snippets put together. That and we only see a small portion of the survivors and these survivors seem to be living in quite the cushy world.

The ideas behind the film ar interesting though. Brining up the human need to be in groups, to have society. How much better the world might be with this complete wipe. A lot of the major problems just gone (though there are obviously new ones). The idea of a clean slate, yet so many people trying to get things back to the way they were. The desire to go back to normal, to constantly think about the past. How to cope without some larger body to do your dirty work (the killing of Mark). They are great ideas and they are portrayed decently, but not really fleshed out and they kinda get lost in the mess the movie creates.

Some of the visuals are pretty nice. Especially on the beach or in the woods. It looks pretty, but it’s not enough.

Oh, Adam Savage makes an appearance here. That amazing man from Mythbusters who doesn’t look like a walrus. His character is actually really interesting. Unfortunately he doesn’t get much screen time to actually develop.

Nice idea, some neat aspects, but just kinda crappily put together for me. I can handle that it does get a bit dull, but really the end result wasn’t a good enough of a payout. Gus Van Sant’s Death Trilogy has those long moments that could be dull and are for some people. The difference is that the whole movie and those scenes are much more captivating. Most people here will get bored and wont finish it. No problem with that. Not much of a reason to try and finish it in my opinion.


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