This was originally titled ‘The Hungry Rabbit Jumps’ which was then changed to ‘Seeking Justice’ but finally Justice was selected. Nicolas Cage plays the role of Will Gerard, a high school english teacher, and at the start of the film he is celebrating with his wife Laura (January Jones) their 4 year anniversary.

This is an action thriller set in New Orleans after the disastrous hurricane Katrina and is focused around the principle that the city is ‘going to hell’. There are a number of citizens who are sick of the downfall of their society and so together formed an organisation which seeks justice. Quite soon into the plot Laura is tragically attacked and raped. When Will finds out he rushes to see her in hospital and it is there he meets one of the members of this mysterious organisation. This member, called Simon (Guy Pearce), proposes to Will that he knows where his wife’s attacker is and can have him ‘taken care of’ if he so wishes, and all that would be required in return is a simple favour some time in the future. At first Will is hesitant, however, the emotions his wife’s state evoked were too much to turn down the offer to have this man ‘dealt with’.

Soon after things get complicated for the high school teacher as the organisation call upon him for their favour. The pace of the film quickens and becomes all the more enthralling. I was impressed with the number of twists and turns in the plot, many of which I didn’t see coming and this made it more stimulating and thought-provoking as you were trying to figure out aspects of the plot as the film continued.

Usually I am not a fan of Nicolas Cage at all, however I watched this film with an open mind and I found his character likeable and his acting was of a high standard throughout. The rest of the cast also acted well and I thought Guy Pearce’s performance was particularly notable as the ruthless and mysterious Simon.

The only problem I had with this film was that Cage and Jones were a married couple. I am getting sick of seeing couples in hollywood films where the male is so much older than the female. This wouldn’t be an issue if it was also a regular occurrence to see vice versa – but it’s not and I find that actresses are sometimes more chosen for their appearances. Other than that issue, which I understand wouldn’t be an issue for a lot of people, I found the film in general was very entertaining and it captured and sustained my interest. It did have a few scenes which were stereotypical and predictable, however, this was made up for in the several unexpected surprises.

Justice was definitely better than I expected it to be and for that reason I would recommend for people to go out and give it a go.


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