Breaking Dawn – Part 1

The fourth and penultimate installment of The Twilight Saga and in my opinion it was definitely the best one yet. First of all it is important to say if you haven’t seen the previous films then there is no point going to see this as it will make no sense. The story continues on from the previous film straight away and the character’s relationships are all developed and some of them are somewhat complex so it is necessary to have seen the first three films.

In the first part of Breaking Dawn the story of Bella (Kirsten Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) resumes as they are getting married. Bella, whilst she can’t wait to officially be Edward’s wife and become apart of the Cullen family, knows that the wedding will also ultimately mean an end to her relationship with her own parents. This is because of her wish to become a vampire like Edward and his family so they can be together for eternity (I realise how cheesy that sounds). I thought the wedding scene was beautiful and completely mesmerising and the way the sequence was put together made it extremely moving. After the wedding was, surprisingly, their honeymoon and this is especially significant to the story with Edward being a traditional gentleman and Bella’s white dress being appropriate. Some of the scenes I’m not sure were particularly suitable for the certificate of 12a, but there you go.

During the honeymoon Bella discovers that she is pregnant and this is when the story begins to get more interesting as this sparks different reactions within the Cullen family. Edward and his adopted parents and siblings, bar one, all want Bella to allow them to get rid of the foetus as it is half human and half vampire it is essentially sucking the life out of her. This also creates tension with the Quileute (wolf pack) as they believe the offspring could be a danger to the community they are in existence to protect. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is therefore ultimately driven to choose his friendship with Bella over his pack and this leads to more rivalries.

I think the acting of all three of the main characters had improved in this film and it made the whole film much more enjoyable. In the previous films I did find Kirsten Stewart’s expressions and mannerisms annoying, however, in Breaking Dawn she was definitely better. There were many scenes which were particularly emotional because of the passionate performances, especially from Robert Pattinson.

The plot in general was true to the book in my opinion and I feel the point where the first part was left off was appropriate and it means the two parts will have totally different aspects of the book. The second part of Breaking Dawn will be much more action packed and different in so many ways.

I find that the whole Twilight Saga, whether it’s the films or the books, gets judged too quickly based on the ‘Twihard’ fan base and it gets written off as codswallop which teenaged girls obsess over. Whether that’s true or not, I think that a lot of people love to hate these films simply because everyone else does. I think the thing to remember about these films is that they were adapted from books which were much more detailed, so a lot of that doesn’t get conveyed through the film. The story as a whole is complex and if I hadn’t read the books it probably would have been harder to follow and understand, which is why it is definitely essential to have seen the previous films to enjoy this one.

Breaking Dawn is certainly not going to be to everyone’s taste and that’s fine because there’s also plenty of people who would undoubtedly enjoy it.


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