Bad Teacher

I had low expectations for this film. It didn’t look exactly great from the trailers (though those things can be misleading). That and I’ve never been much of a fan of Cameron Diaz and I’m still not sold on Timberlake as an actor. Some friends saw it in theaters over the summer and liked it (though these Wednesday movie nights consisted of them drinking before and during the movie while smuggling in meals like full rotessiorre chickens).

Bad Teacher is pretty self explanatory. You have Cameron Diaz playing apparently an English teacher (took a while to guess that) who is teaching because it’s easy to just sit back and slide through the process. She also just has no ambitions other than to marry some rich guy who will take care of her. A sort of major character plot point for her is getting enough money to get a boob job. Other things happen, but really that’s all you need to know. By the end of the movie her character doesn’t really develop that much, if at all. The relationship part is obvious from the get go and nothing else changes much.

Again not a fan of Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake most of the time and neither really changed my opinion of them in this movie. I’ve liked Lucy Punch in the few things I’ve seen here in and I thought she was really good here. I also thought John Michael Higgins did a good job as the Principal. Kaitlyn Dever (Justified, Last Man Standing) plays the teacher’s pet kinda role. Not here best work, but it shows how diversified her talent is. She’s a really great young actress and it’s kind of bizarre looking at the different roles she’s played. Tom (Thomas) Lennon does a good job in the small role he has. Again, another one of those really good character actors. And of course Jason Segel who does a good job as well. Really The supporting cast is pretty good and has a lot of familiar faces for fans of some comedies out recently. Still, the movie is hardly anyone’s best performance, though I don’t know if it’s anyones worse.

The movie is funny. At times. It’s not one of those movies where you laugh nonstop, but there are some really good moments and probably more really bad ones. There are times I looked at the joke they were trying and was wondering why they bothered, but that’s comedy. It’s hard to judge some comedies since there exist those movies for people that you just laugh nonstop. It’s hard to go and watch a comedy that doesn’t do that and not treat it negatively.

As someone who is an education student and about to do their student teaching my thoughts on the depiction of the teachers was kind of wobbly. On one hand I wasn’t to fond overall (though yes I understand it’s a comedy), but teachers get enough crap that making movies that reinforce that doesn’t help. On the other hand, and maybe I’m entirely wrong on this, I thought the movie did a good job at showing how fucked up our school system is (which it is). None of the teachers in this movie are good teachers. The title really refers to all of the teachers in the film. It shows how easy it is for bad teachers to just skate through the system and sort of hits on the horrors of standardized testing. That’s not the point of the movie really however so it isn’t highlighted much and it probably just inspires people to bitch about teachers more if at all.

Still, the movie wasn’t great. Watching it like my friends did over the summer probably wasn’t a bad way to see the movie, though waiting for it on Netflix or something might be better. It’s a good movie to watch late at night or if you’re multi tasking.


One thought on “Bad Teacher

  1. Yeahm I thought the same thing. Waiting for it to come to Netflix was no skin off my back. It didn’t make me feel like I missed anything by not seeing it in the theaters that I couldn’t have waited a bit longer to see it, y’know?

    As an educator, myself, I totally see where you’re coming from. Our system is messed up, and this film just goes to further that point, but hey, that car was scence was great wasn’t it? lol

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