Bedazzled (1967)

Another British film that’s been remade. Alas, I saw the remake of Bedazzled before this original one. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the full movie though, since I only caught it on cable.

Bedazzled is an interesting movie. Again, if you’ve seen the remake you have at least a board grasp of what goes on in this film, though as far as I can remember they really aren’t alike. Bedazzled is sort of a telling of Faust. Dudley Moore plays a cook who is infatuated with his co-worker. Peter Cook comes along as the Devil, although he goes by George Spiggott. Over the course of the film he gives Dudley Moore wishes essentially for his soul, yadda yadda yadda. Shenanigans ensue.

I hate to say that the film requires intelligence to watch, but it kind of does. The movie is a very sharp satire, one that to me seems like it was very much ahead of its time. The deliveries are very low-key and it’s very much a sort of dry sense of humor. It’s easy to miss a lot of the, for lack of a better word, jokes. Still, the sheer amount of content in the film makes it hard not to laugh every now and then. The movie also incorporates its fair share of physical gags, though again, it’s very understated. I’m a fan of Moore and Cook. I’m actually a dj on my college radio station and I play some of their recordings from Beyond the Fringe, so I guess I’m slightly biased on some of my love for the two men behind the film.

The acting really isn’t great. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook can do better, but it’s not like it’s horrible or it detracts from anything. The film also features Raquel Welch, a name most people my age don’t recognize, however she was an international sex symbol back in her day. She has a small role, but at the time it was understandably a big deal.

Dudley Moore enjoys playing instruments and creating music. In an interview he said that he basically had to decided between music and acting/comedy. In Bedazzled you get a nice glimpse at his musical talents since he wrote the music for the film. Just kind of further goes to show how intelligent and talented these two men are.

The movie did run a bit long for me. There were some bits that ran a bit to long and if you don’t enjoy what they’re doing in the bit, it just makes it that much longer.

Bedazzled wont be for everyone. There are plenty of people who don’t get satire. Clever wordplay is another one that get’s missed by some and when it includes particular references, you do have to be a certain type to get them. The movie does have nuns on trampolines, so that’s something to look forward to.

It’s not great. It has plenty of problems and doesn’t really appeal to a wide audience. Still, for self-professed comedy nerds I think it’s one of those movies you have to give a shot, if for no other reason than because it’s a creation of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.


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