The Code (a short)

Well I watched The Code for the third time. Someone actually posted a suggestion so I watched it right away. Then I didn’t write anything and have watched it two more times since.

So The Code is a short. Credits in all it stands at 5 minutes and 39 seconds. Easy to watch a couple of times even if you absolutely hated it for some reason. It one a number of awards at Splatterfest so I’m not the only one who liked it.

So The Code is spoof of horror films, though again it’s done in a short amount of time. Still it’s better than a number of feature-length spoof films that I’ve regrettably watched. You have zombies, an axe murderer (minus the axe), a vampire, and Big Foot. Oh, and a porn star and Vanna Helsing.

It’s a really good short, more so since it is moderately related to my thesis. So some random nifty tidbits. I liked that most of the characters are given names, like Taylor Brandt’s zombie ringleader being named Shaun. That and he’s wearing a white shirt similar enough to Simon Pegg’s. The names though. You also have Chad (Daylon Walton), Carl (Todd Terry), Kyle (Kevin Green), and Neil (Benny Rogers). I liked the choices of names and I just liked the fact that they are given these names in particular. They’re plain and it works. I also liked the use of a weed eater. It’s like the use of a cricket bat in Shaun of the Dead or even a chainsaw. It’s something that you could use as a weapon, but it’s probably not your first choice nor one you’ll most likely have handy.

Anyways, make up was really good all around. The only exception was what was used on Vanna Helsing (Tamara Voss) at the end. The blood dripping on her face at the end bothered me. It like she was either sweating blood ro that someone had dumped a red drink on her head. Compared to how good all the other make up and effects were, it just didn’t sit well with me. And yes the special effects where really good. Just goes to show you that you don’t need a butt load of crap to do special effects well. I particularly enjoyed the weed eater kill. And the big foot costume was nice.

The acting was good all around. Can’t complain anywhere really there. I actually really liked Shaun’s (Brandt) voice. For whatever reason I feel like it really made that character work and now that I’ve seen it a couple of times I can’t really picture that character playing so well without that voice or at least something similar. I particularly like is call for revenge. For some reason he sounded like Yoda or something similar for a moment.

The jokes worked pretty well for the most part. A few fell flat for me, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a movie/show/performance where every joked work. Your gonna miss at least one somewhere and it’s not a bad thing.

The short looked really nice as well. It was filmed nicely. Good lighting and whatnot. The only issue I had was with the sound. For the most part it was great. There were a few instances where you could hear it cut and it sounded different. A bit of an echo like they were using a different mic that wasn’t as good/positioned well enough. Minor thing and kinda pointless to critique.

I feel like I’m being slightly anal. I guess it’s because it was under six minutes long and I watched it a couple of times. That I suppose I’ve seen my fair share of less than stellar shorts and feel like I should make a point of showing how good this was. Any who, it’s a really good short and since it is short there’s no reason you shouldn’t sit through the whole thing, especially since it is good.

Watch The Code on Funny or Die and check out the facebook page.

And now I’m off to share this with my advisor.

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