Blargh. That’s what I think of this movie right now. I’ve wanted to see this for a while because Josh Radnor wrote and is in it. I’m a fan of How I Met Your Mother and considering that’s the only other exposure I’ve had to him I kinda wanted to see what this was going to be like. Happythankyoumore also won some awards at Sundance last year so I though, “Hey it might not be crap!”

I’m not saying it’s crap, because I don’t think it is. Unfortunately I’m not sure what exactly to think. The movie sort of focuses on three romantic relationships. They all know each other and are essentially close friends (at least one party in each group is). There is connection between the stories, but they all kinda float around on their own. On top of that Josh Radnor’s character essentially has kidnapped a kid (legally at least). It’s kinda of a weird story when you look at it.

The romance parts. Let’s get them out of the way. I didn’t care for the Annie (Malin Akerman) subplot. It just never felt developed enough for me to really care. Instead there were just some good emotionally moments snuck in there to get your attention amongst a pile of lines that to me were probably the worst in the film. I just couldn’t get into any of it.

Mary (Zoe Kazran) also failed to really woo me with her subplot. At least her storyline seemed to have a bit more oomph to it. It was better developed and I followed along at least with what was going on. Still, it seemed kind of lame and the resolution didn’t work for me. Better than the Annie story though.

And the Sam (Josh Radnor) story. He and Mississippi (Kate Mara) have an interesting little thing going on and while Sam is the main character, the romance storyline kinda fell flat. It some aspects, that actually fits with the rest of the character’s story, but I’m still not sold.

Really none of the romance stuff clicked for me. Yes there were some nifty lines and moments that did a good job at pulling the right strings, but a lot of scenes and lines almost bordered on being really cheesy. Some of the awkward moments and stuff made sense. They were “realistic.” I got that. Still, sometimes it just seemed like they were really bad lines/moments.

And the whole kid thing. Honestly this was the best part of the movie to me. I would’ve preferred if the movie was devoted entirely to this plot (which in a way it almost is). Some of the best scenes where between Sam and Rasheen (Michael Algieri). There was more than enough material to keep exploring with there to fill out the film. That and it did a better job of trigger a response from me than the romance stuff.

The acting is all good, though I’m still torn about Malin Akerman. I’m choosing however to blame it on the character rather than her acting. And really Josh Radnor is pretty much playing a darker version of Ted from HIMYM. Tony Hale was really good. At least, I was able to enjoy his performance and put aside that he played Buster on Arrested Development. He did a really good job at pushing away that character here. I also really liked Michael Algieri. Best performance of the film.

I still really liked the film. There was more than enough in there that made it enjoyable to watch. Still, it was hard to get past some of it. It just bordered on being too much. Some of the characters dialog just didn’t quite fit in. Too much thinking out loud in some cases.

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