Die Hard 2: Die Harder

I love the Die Hard films. To me they’re great action movies that still hold up. I already watched the first one for christmas (review here), but I didn’t manage to get to this one before the holidays ended. Still, it’s not too late.

Die Hard 2 really isn’t that different from the first film.  In fact, the movie spends more than enough time making fun of itself. The title alone does that. And you have characters continually mention the similarities between this event and the one found in the first film. It fits in with the films humor which helps.

There’s really nothing new here, other than I feel like the plot holes in the sequel here are bigger, not that it matters. I don’t think most people going to watch the Die Hard films (or similar action movies) care about plot holes. They’re expected.

Now I may change my mind once I finish re-watching the series, but I still feel that this is the weakest of the Die Hard series, which doesn’t mean much. All the films are good, but I’ve always felt that this one lacked some of the thrill and charm of the first. There was some intimacy in the first one that was due to McClane being alone in the building. That and the terrorists were better.

Bruce Willis still kicks ass as John McClane. Some of the charm is gone. Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) returns as his wife and she is in danger again. She still does a good job. Thornburg (William Atherton) returns in a similar manner as Holly. Nothing new with those characters. Sgt. Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) has a brief cameo appearance early on as well. Basically another nice add in to tie this film to it’s predecessor. Really the entire cast is solid (old and new).

Still, Die Hard 2 easily holds up to it’s predecessor. If you liked any of the other Die Hard films there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy this. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone only liking one of the films in the series. Short review, but not much else to say.

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