Fright Night (2011)

I’m not a huge fan over horror films. I’m selective when it comes to which of them I’ll watch and the ones I do watch tend to be older ones. I’ve never quite gotten into the style of a lot fo modern horror films (not that I love older ones). Fright Night is hard to resist. I’ve never seen the original, but I’m very aware of who David Tennant and Colin Farrell are. I mean Tennant’s name alone is got me to watch this. It also helps that repeated mentions on some podcasts I listen to (Doug Love’s Movie’s and The Nerdist) finally got me to sit down and watch it. That and yesterday I was reminded that the Golden Globes were on and I realized I needed to catch up on some films I missed this year (which seems to be everything that’s getting nominations).

So Fright Night takes place in Las Vegas. The new neighbor is a vampire. People notice and they try to fight back. Not too much to elaborate there. Charley (Anton Yelchin) is our protagonist. A former nerd (or at least trying to hide it) now has a hot girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots). People no longer go to school. Charley’s former nerdy friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), notices this. They investigate. Something else happens. Charley investigates and starts taking stuff seriously and that’s probably the first little bit of the film.

The story works. It’s not complicated which is why it works. The vampires are very generic old school vampires. Wooden stakes, holy water. That kind of stuff. For people unaware of that basic information it’s brought up a couple of times and handled well. Keeping everything simple helps make the movie less confusing. Everything is very straightforward. Including Jerry (Colin Farrell). He really makes no attempt to hide himself.

While Anton Yelchin may be the protagonist, he’s unimportant. He does a good job as does Toni Collette as his mom and Imogen Poots and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. David Tennant and Colin Farrell are the stars though and as much as I love Tennant, Farrell wins because of more screen time/character development. I love Jerry the vampire because it’s Colin Farrell. He’s still a stud, which vampires are supposed to be if you’re going with old school Bram Stoker stuff. He’s not some twink from Twilight. He’s also incredibly bad ass and charming. He is doing some great work in this film by just standing around. He’s kinda like a serial killer and not so much a vampire. Just think of him like Hannibal or something like that. David Tennant unfortunately doesn’t have a developed Peter Vincent character. There’s a backstory given but it isn’t fleshed out too much. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks to the film. Jerry and Peter are the most interesting characters and they both don’t get the as much development as Charley. Still, Tennant is amazing as the magician and while his first scene(s) are short, he does show up later and get a chance to shine some more.

The movie also looks great. I mean there are some beautiful shots and the make on Tennant and Farell is great. Unfortunately the CGI vampire just sucked. It didn’t look that good to me and it just kinda ruined some great acting scenes. Farrell as a humanish dude was creepy as fuck killing people. Not so much the few times he turned full vampire.

The movie is really good. Surprisingly so to someone who doesn’t care for most horror films. And they do a nice job rehashing a lot of old material, keeping things simple and balancing the line between comedy and horror. The movie definitely seems like it is re-watchable. At least right now I would be fine watching it again.

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