Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn is the sequel to Johnny English for anyone who saw that. While it is a sequel you really don’t need to see the first one to watch the second. They aren’t really connected in any important way.

It’s been a while since I saw Johnny English, but from what I can recall the sequel seems to be more or less the same. The film seemed to at least attempt to be slightly more serious. I don’t want to compare English with Mr. Bean, but from what I remember of the first film, that seemed to be how the character was handled. I remember him being very bumbling and stupid. They seemed to have toned that down a lot here. English has his moments of stupidity and oafishness, but it doesn’t dominate the character. It allowed for a broader use of different comedy techniques and I think it also made a better spoof of the spy genre.

That is what the movie is supposed to be; a spoof of spy films, most notably James Bond. I mean the Bond references are constant. And yes the movie seems absurd. The story makes no sense, but when do most spy movies make sense, especially Bond? That’s the point here, to make fun of how ridiculous some of those movies are. In fact one of my favorite bits just mocks action movies in general. It’s early on in the film and English is chasing a dude who is über into parkour and that kind of stuff. It’s a very elaborate fight/chase on that guys part. English however, instead of scaling down the side of a building, takes the elevator or opens the gate instead of climbing over it. That kind of thing. It’s great and there are plenty of other moments that are just great spoof moments.

The movie is funny in other ways. There are some good dialog pieces, but considering this is Rowan Atkinson, a lot fo the humor is physical, because they take advantage of how good he is at it.

Rowan Atkinson still has it. I personally like this version of English (at least from what i recall). It made for a better spoof film. Gillian Anderson is okay as Pegasus and I really enjoyed seeing Tim McInnery as their version of Q from Bond. Rosamund Pike wasn’t to bad either. It was actual worth here being in the movie just because she was a former Bond girl.

It’s not a great movie nor is it the best spoof/parody. Still, I have a hard time hating anything Rowan Atkinson is in because he is great. He can make anything funny. I think this might have been better than the first film. Basically a nice light movie to watch especially for fans of Atkinson or Bond films (if you have a sense of humor about them). I also recommend anyone who has not seen Blackadder, or Mr. Bean for that matter, to do so right away. You’re missing out on a lot.

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