Faster is…interesting, but I think it missed whatever exactly it was trying to achieve.

The movie doesn’t name people all the time. Little tags just pop up. For example, Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as the Rock) is the Driver. Billy Bob Thornton, the Cop and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, the Killer. So the movie starts with the Driver being released from prison and he immediately starts killing people (there’s more to it than that). Essentially, the Driver is getting revenge via killing certain people who really screwed him over. The actually storyline there is fascinating. Unfortunately, like mos tof the movie, it’s underwhelming.

The movie might have been able to be a noir film. It’s sort of loosely set up that way. The result really isn’t close. As fascinating as the Driver’s story is, the movie is mostly about just watching some decent shots of him driving a nice car and shooting people. If not him, were watching the Killer or the Cop in the half-assed development of their own stories. The Killer is pointless. He doesn’t fit in and would have been better off just never speaking. I mean, he talks more than the Driver. Him being silent would have worked better, at least early on.  The Cop is slightly better. Again, there’s an interesting story there, but it is squandered. Really, the movie would have been better to just focus on the Killer and Cop without the other characters surrounding them. Their  socializing was distracting.

Really that’s the movies biggest failing. It just doesn’t seem to develop the great story that it sets up. It’s frustrating really sitting and watching it unfold and going “why?” I think they tried to make it to sleek and fancy. It’s not. It’s a gritty story that should have been portrayed that way. Again, it has what it needs to be something of a noir film.

The acting isn’t bad though. Dwayne Johnson never really speaks. He just stands around looking intimidating, which is does well. His facial expressions are really good. The acting here is all about body language and he’s got that down. Billy Bob Thornton was actually really good as well. My biggest problem with him in the movie really wasn’t him, but the character. Thornton plays the Cop amazingly, yet the script doesn’t really reflect that. Carla Gugino is nice. Nothing special, but she does that kind of role well in other movies.

I liked the movie for what it could have been. Unfortunately it just missed. I was too distracted by what it could and should have been to be able to enjoy it.

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