I think most people saw the trailer for Colombiana and made a conscious decision about what the movie was right there. The trailer is pretty much exactly what the movie is. It’s an excuse to see Zoe Saldana running around kicking ass and looking sexy.

I mean the plot is straightforward. Girl’s parents killed in front of her (ish) as a child. She vows revenge. As an adult she starts killing everyone to get her revenge and ~spoiler~ she succeeds. That is really all there is to the movie’s story.

Everything that’s tacked on, which isn’t much, does nothing to propel the movie. In some respects it was actually refreshing to watch. They didn’t really dance around too much with trying to add a lot of depth to the movie. They just put their effort into the action sequences and keeping the movie going. You really were only given the information you needed to move the story along. That doesn’t make for a great film, but it’s better than the alternative where directors will throw in random crap to try to add more depth and legitimize their action flick.

The cast helps sell the movie as well. Zoe Saldana is very attractive and will draw in a certain audience. She also does this kind of role very well. This isn’t exactly great work, but she’s still good. Same with Cliff Curtis. He’s recognizable and is a good actor. Nothing special in his performance here, but it worked. Amandla Stenberg, who plays the younger version of Zoe’s character gave the best performance. She was actually really fucking good.

In a lot of ways this movie seemed like it was a cash in movie. Everything seemed pretty straightforward and easy enough to film and it kinda generates its own audience to at least draw in enough people to make some money and then some. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, because I think this is a good example fo how to do one of those movies. It’s not great, but it’s not shit like a lot of similar attempts. They had the opportunity to actually be able to add some depth to the character and story, but left it out and it works for this film since it’s pretty stripped down.

And yes there are a number of WTF? moments. A little girl (or boy even) opening a manhole cover, from below, is kind of ridiculous. As was the pool thing and some others. Still, I’ve seen worse and it really didn’t detract from the movie enough.

Basically watch the trailer. You’ll know by that whether it’s a movie you want to watch or not. And while it isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, it’s a decent action movie for what it is and really, despite the flaws it has, it’s a lot better than some of the similar attempts at cashing in on an action flick.

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One thought on “Colombiana

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