Let's All Go to the Movies!!!!


The movie opens in a non-specific U.S. suburb (see Production notes below) about the year 1999. Peter Gibbons is a disgruntled programmer working for Initech, a company plagued by excessive management. Peter spends his days “staring at [his] desk” instead of reprogramming bank software for the then-expected Y2K disaster. His co-workers include highly strung Samir Nagheenanajar, whose last name cannot be pronounced correctly by anybody else; Michael Bolton, who detests having the same name as the famous singer, whom he hates; and Milton Waddams, a meek, fixated collator who constantly mumbles to himself (most notably about his workmates borrowing his favorite red Swingline stapler). All four are repeatedly bullied by management, especially Initech’s callous vice president, Bill Lumbergh. The staff are further agitated by the arrival of two consultants, informally known as “The Bobs,” since they share the same first name, who are brought in to help with cutting…

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