The trailers I saw for Immortals made me think of 300, which made me think of a number of other films that were similar, none of which I really liked. I have friends who love those movies and I just have never been able to get into them. Sure some of they look kinda neat, but that really isn’t enough. For whatever reason I decided to watch Immortals and I’m still not really sure why. I finished reading American Gods again and wanted something with mythology in it, which unfortunately doesn’t equal too many good movies.

Immortals is supposed to be based of Greek mythology. Specifically some of the stories of Theseus. That and the whole origin story of Zeus and the battle between the Olympians and Titans. As far as accuracy goes with adaptations, this one was quite bad. If you’ve seen the film, go read some actual Greek mythology because this isn’t it. I mean they really took some liberties with the stories to the point that they really just used some names.

Still, the source material isn’t everything. They could have had Theses fighting dinosaurs for all I care as long as it was a good movie. The movie does actually have a decent story. Hyperion has taken up arms because he prayed to the gods and they didn’t answer.  He basically wants to fuck the world over because the gods fucked him over. Thus he needs to find a magic bow to unleash the Titans. Theseus is the hero who’s supposed to stop him. That pretty much is the story. There’s some fluff in there, but otherwise that’s pretty easy to follow to me. Isn’t the final product great? No, but it isn’t crap.

The movie is a CGI fest, but you know what? It works. It looks good. It’s not necessarily realistic, but it isn’t so stylized that it’s ridiculous looking (like 300). In fact it was quite nice looking. The gods looked like crap though, especially compared to the titans. That doesn’t make a film though.

The action was decent, but to be honest it isn’t that heavy on the action. There are some small skirmishes basically here and there. There is a “big” battle, but that really isn’t important. You see a bit of it at the beginning, but then you follow Theseus around os you don’t see much. That battle was actually kind of lame. I mean the first “bad guy” jumps, feet first at a dudes shield. Wtf? So you knocked that guy back. The other hundred guys behind him are just going to kill you. Watch those first few sequences and there are just some really bad moves done stunt wise. One plus of the action used: virtually no slow motion. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate slow motion, especially in action movies/shows. Immortals actually stripped those scenes down quite a bit, which was refreshing.

The acting wasn’t bad. Was it great? No, but the leads weren’t too shabby. Henry Cavill was okay as Theseus. There are times when he actually does a pretty good job, but most of the time he wasn’t too impressive. Mickey Rourke was nothing special either, which was a let down. I saw Iron Man 2 and was so pissed off that he got so little screen time. To me Immortals was a chance to revisit the good job eh did there and for whatever reason he was just kind of meh here. The talking through the mask was annoying (for everyone), but it just didn’t seem like he sank his teeth into the role. He has the screen presence for the character he just needed a little more oomph. Frieda Pinto was pretty good and John Hurt had probably the best performance and he’s hardly in the movie. He gave his character the most life.

Is it a great film? Hardly. I mean there are so many things wrong with this movie. I mean the gods and titans were just handled poorly and really shouldn’t have been in the movie and that’s me skating around that issue. If you’re one to nit-pick over things I can’t imagine you’ll get through this film, especially fi you love greek mythology.

Immortals is however one of the better films of it’s type and I feel like I can re-watch it again and it beat my expectations by a lot.

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