Midnight in Paris

I’ve never been a Woody Allen fan. I love his stand up, but I just never really got into most of his films. There are a few I like, but most of the others I’ve seen didn’t win me over. His catalogue is pretty extensive, so maybe I’d like some of the ones I haven’t seen. The reason I watched Midnight in Paris was because of the Oscar nominations (and wins other places). I was surprised that I liked the film.

Midnight in Paris follow Gil as he struggles with his novel while visiting Paris with his fiancée and some other folks. Gil ends up going on a midnight stroll one night and finds himself transported to the 1920s where he meets some of his idols like Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dali, Picasso, T. S. Elliot, and pretty much anyone else from that era who spent time in Paris. Gil, who would love to stay in the 20s, essentially does some somewhat unintentional soul-searching.

I thought the movie was really nice. It’s a fantasy, but it’s not like you’re being beaten over the head with that. It’s very subtle and you kind of just take it for granted.

The film looked really nice as well. The color was beautiful, especially at night. There’s some great lighting.

I thought the cast was pretty good to. I feel like I say this often, but it’s an instance where everyone does a great job with their role, but it isn’t outstanding. I though Owen Wilson was decent as the Woody Allen character, though I’m getting tired of Owen Wilson. I guess I just feel like he needs some variety. Even here he didn’t really seem to be that deep in character. I thought Adrian Brody was cool as Salvatore Dali.

Seems like a short review, but I don’t have a lot to say. I liked the film. Out of the few Woody Allen films I’ve seen, it’s one of like two or three that I actually like, but it’s not great. I’d gladly watch it again, unless Owen Wilson bugs me, but I just don’t feel like it was an “oh my god, this movie rocks!” kinda thing.

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One thought on “Midnight in Paris

  1. I really enjoyed this film although the ending was a little anti-climactic. I’m not very familiar with Woody Allen. People say that this is one of his lesser works although it is the most successful based on box office earnings. I guess the only way to know for sure is to view more of his films. Owen Wilson is one of my least favorite actors and the fact that I enjoyed this movie despite his presence is a testament to it’s quality. Michael Sheen, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates, Corey Stoll, Allison Pill, Tom Hiddleston, and Adrian Brody made this movie a delight.

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