Take Shelter – Movie Review

Take Shelter

Plot: Curtis, a father and husband, is starting to experience bad dreams and hallucinations. Assuming mental illness, he seeks medical help and counseling. However, fearing the worst, he starts building an elaborate and expensive storm shelter in their backyard. This storm shelter threatens to tear apart his family, threatens his sanity and his standing in the community, but he builds it to save his family’s life.

My Thoughts: I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I began to see pictures and trailers of it on the internet, the bad thing is though, that I didn’t know what to think of it. It was classified as a horror movie but I couldn’t tell if it was a horror or if it was some sort of creepy backwards drama.

Then upon watching it, I was thinking about it, and it is both of those. There are scenes where it seems to be a horror movie like when his furniture begins to float or when his daughter is taken out of the car by these people who are unknown. Then there are the aspects that just make it seem like your typical movie drama of the 21st century, marriage problems, job problems, apocalyptic visions, you know, the normal stuff.

While I was watching this movie, you don’t seem to realize it, but you are thrust into the plot quickly, there isn’t much character build up until you are a fair amount into the movie, then when you are already immersed into the plot you learn more about the characters. Which compared to other movies, is very different, which makes this movie good because they are trying a different formula instead of the set stagnant rules of movies now a days.

The acting in this movie are really good, the sarcastic humor of Curtis (Michael Shannon) and the caring put upon mother of Samantha (Jessica Chastain). They both portray their characters really well and come off as very believable, which can’t be said about many actors.

I give this movie a solid 4 out of 5.

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One thought on “Take Shelter – Movie Review

  1. Nice review friend, this was one of my favorite films of 2011. Say what did you think about the ending? We actually have a fairly large discussion about it over on our blog if you feel like adding your two cents. You can just google the ending of take shelter. Our 3guys1movie review should be near the top of the search.

    I liked poking around your blog. 🙂

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