Finding Forrester

You’re the man now, dog

I love Sean Connery. It goes beyond the fact that he was and still is (as far as I’m concerned) James Bond. I’m still distraught that he’s retired.

Any who, Finding Forrester is a Gus Van Sant film. For some reason I never noticed this before till I re-watched it again the other day. I suppose it makes sense, though it doesn’t necessarily seem like one of his films for the most part. Finding Forrester was made after Good Will Hunting, and really is a very similar thematically and tonally. Stylistically not so much. Connery plays William Forrester, who for all intents and purposes might as well be J.D. Salinger. He’s an author who wrote the “Great American Novel” and then disappeared. Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) plays a black youth who is highly intelligent (not Will Hunting level) and a damned good writer for someone in high school. He’s also from the Bronx. Things happen, Jamal meets Forrester and the two forma  relationship based around Forrester helping Jamal with his writing. It gets all nice and sentimental and emotional. I suppose it’s nothing you wouldn’t expect.

I still love this film though. I don’t know how inspiring it is, but I definitely had the urge to do some writing after the movie. I do tend to like films like these. They’re nice. As someone looking to teach (hopefully soon) these films make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The reason I love this film though is Sean Connery. He is such a badass in this film. That quote up top is one example. He was a great choice to play a grumpy old man to begin with, but he really does work at being a recluse. Rob Brown does a really good job as well, especially since it was his first film. It’s also kinda funny to see Busta Rhymes in here. Pretty solid cast really, and again Connery kinda dominates the film.

One of my favorites bits from the film is when Connery is riding his bike and Gassenhauer is playing. I love that song. It’s great and that scene is just so cool. Connery on an old bike in New York City while that song is playing. I want to be like this man when I’m older.

It’s not Gus Van Sant’s best film and it isn’t Good Will Hunting. It is a solid film, especially if you like GWH or Dead Poet’s Society, etc. I think it’s also one of the more approachable Van Sant films.

You can check out more from me at Film Daze.

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