Snow White and the Hunstman

Snow White and the Huntsman is not Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It’s dark. Fairy tales, before they were actually fairy tales, were dark, violent, and gruesome. They were not for children. If you are young, take a class on them, totally worth it. Anywho, this film attempts to capture that atmosphere more. Do not take kids to see this.

Saying the film is like the original tale is pointless, since there really isn’t an original. The film does at least draw more from some of the earlier versions of the tale. I suppose most people will be wondering what the filmmaker did with certain aspects of the story they are most familiar with. For the most part, those bits are there, they just aren’t the focus and for good reason. The story does a good job of blending versions of the tale and attempting to make it their own.

Stylistically the film is a lot like something Tolkien would come up with. The filmmakers clearly drew some heavy influences from the LOTR films and I liked that. I think that was a great place to draw visual inspiration from and it worked. I just wished the storytelling drew some of that same inspiration. Visually though, the film is spectacular. Well, that may be over stating things, but it is very well done.

One of the things I really liked about this version is that they attempted to humanize the Queen a bit. They make a big deal about Ravenna (the Queen) and Snow White being connected, bound by fate and destiny, etc. That’s nice and I like that they at least give some back story for the Ravenna, but it isn’t enough. They just drop the seed in, the idea, but they don’t expand on it. There’s also some stuff with fairies that is just sort of rushed through. Really, the story I wanted to see is what they cut out. The film really needed to expand on those parts to give it more depth.

The story is okay, but I felt the time. There’s the joke about LOTR being a bunch fo guys just walking for three films. That is what Snow White and the Huntsman is. A lot of walking for Snow White and it bugged the hell out of me. They had some great ideas (mentioned earlier) and they could have used the time to develop those aspects of the story than just showing Snow White walking, tripping out, sleeping, etc.

The acting wasn’t too bad. Charlize Theron is sort of a toss-up. She does a phenomenal job at time. There were also instances where I felt she was almost overacting. I had a hard time getting past seeing Hemsowrth as Thor and Kristen Stewart really isn’t that bad. She isn’t a great actress, but honestly people give her too much shit. I understand that she should be flogged for her involvement in Twilight, but she does a good job in other films (never seen Twilight). The dwarves were kinda weird. Great actors, but the visuals for them was kinda off.

Part of the problem again goes to the story, specifically with characters. They bring up tidbits about characters but don’t go anywhere. I just felt so much was left unexplained.

I did enjoy the movie. I understand some of the negative reviews, but it wasn’t a crap film. I thought it was the step in the right direction, but the story was just missing out on some depth/details that I really wanted to see.

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