As a Kevin Smith fan Goon just makes me think of his (supposedly) final film to be Hit Somebody. Goon is a hockey flick starring Sean William Scott about hockey goons. Thugs who are there to just beat the shit out of each other. This movie is a comedy about how Doug Glatt (Scott) goes from being a dumb thug working as a bouncer to becoming somebody and finding his place on the ice as a hockey player.

It’s not Slapshot. I thought I’d like the movie more than I did, but I just could not get into it. It’s just off. The story is fairly cliché, but that is not always the end of the world. In this case the rest of the movies content does not make up for that. It just falls flat. There are some funny bits, but there is just some weird stuff that is awkward. It just wasn’t quite funny enough to me and I’m assuming it was meant to be funny.

Doug for instance. He’s dumb. He knows he is dumb. You are beaten over the head with this fact. He acts like Forrest Gump almost. Yet, he isn’t really funny. It’s just awkward. He tries to develop a relationship with a girl and it is supposed to be awkward, but funny and I just couldn’t find the humor for the most part. There are a lot of those odd moments where you can tell that there is supposed to be a joke there, but you don’t really think it is good.

The movie also attempts to be somewhat serious. There is an attempt to really comment on Doug’s relationship with Eva and his parents as well as his teammates. The movie is mediocre though so this is just goes into the cliché pile.

Part of the problem is that the movie is only 90 minutes. It felt longer than that, which I attribute partly to not catching my attention, but also because there is a fair amount of the movie devoted to the hockey. This would be great I guess if it was actual hockey and made up of interesting moments. Instead it is Doug being dumb and hitting people. It isn’t that fascinating after a while.

The cast is decent. Sean William Scott is okay as Doug. Jay Baruchel has a brief appearance and was actually annoying (far from his Apatow stuff). Liev Schrieber works in the same way as Scott. THey are both good actors, but they are basically here to just stand around looking buff and mean. There are a far number of nice cameos of sorts. Eugene Levy plays Doug’s dad. Nothing special though.

I feel like I say this a lot, but I guess I really do think its true. There is something to the movie. There’s a premise that actually doesn’t sound to bad, but they just kinda screw up along the way.

It was decent to watch in Netflix. I doubt anyone not into hockey would care for this since. It’s short though, so you wont waste too much of your time watching it and really, you’ll know fairly soon whether you will want to keep watching or not.

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