Starship Troopers

This was the first time I have ever actually watched all of Starship Troopers. I’ve seen bits and pieces on like SyFy (I’m assuming it was on SyFy. Somewhere on cable.)

Starship Troopers has interesting source material. It’s up to you to decide on what exactly the message of that book is I think. Paul Verhoeven (the director) wanted to satirize the military, war, and possibly the novel depending on your view. I don’t know how anyone could not get that. Bad acting and writing are definitely present, but it was still very clear that he was making fun of the military and war.

The idea is good. I liked the satire. As I said though, the acting is not great nor is the writing. Part of that I’m still torn over though. In some areas I think some of the acting and writing were done intentionally. It’s hard to tell overall though. That and the movie is fairly camp to begin with. I’m guessing some stuff just accidentally worked.

The special effects were not too bad. It was ’97, so I’m sort of torn. Again, some of it is good, some not really at all.

The music is cool though.

The bugs were meh. I’m sort of torn on how I feel about that.

I guess I look at this and would love to remake it. I think it would be fairly easy to actually do a legitimate satire without the movie being quote so camp. In a world where we love gritty films and television, I could see where this would work. Who knows. When it comes to what Hollywood chooses to remake or reboot, I’m always baffled.

As torn as I am on bits of this, I liked it. It’s flawed in so many ways, but it is still oddly enjoyable for me.

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