DIRECTOR(S): Ron Clements & John Musker

May Contain Spoilers!

Line-drawn animation is dead. Or is it? 2009 saw Disney’s return to their roots as they drew by hand (though be it heavily assisted by computers), their first traditionally animated feature in over a decade. Now since Toy Story was the first Disney film that I actually liked, never really buying in to the brand as a child, Digimation as it were, was defiantly my thing. I love Pixar and some of Dreamworks’ projects, so I wasn’t really looking forward to this, what appeared to be more traditional Disney feature film.

What a mistake that was. I really liked it. The animation style was gorgeous, but it was story’s vibrancy, taking you along for the ride, which sold it to me. The Latin themes helped and the story has some nice twists and turns, a good villain and a surprising slinky leading lady…

This feels old school, with a nice sense of danger and humour whist still feeling fresh. I don’t think that I’m a convert to old school Disney but this was certainly a refreshing film.

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